Dina Leifer


My entire career has involved writing in one form or another. I trained as a journalist at the Centre for Journalism Studies at Cardiff University and qualified as a reporter with Thompson Local Newspapers. I worked for publications for health professionals and then as an in-house writer and editor for a large children’s charity.

These days I write about translation and publishing, mainly for the professional journal the ITI Bulletin. I cover topics which affect translators, but often have a wider relevance.

I also write regular readers’ reports for publishers. It’s often an opportunity to read new and exciting works which are creating a buzz in the publishing world.

I’ve always enjoyed writing fiction. I was absolutely thrilled when my story for children, And Eddie Had an Egg, won the Jewish Children’s Book Award in March 2023. It will be published as a picture book by Green Bean Books, coming out in early 2025.


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