Dina Leifer


French and Italian to English

I produce pitch-perfect content for culture, art, social sciences and health.

I specialise in creative and editorial translations, particularly relating to books, film and the arts, as well as social sciences. I also still have a journalist’s curiosity and ability to adapt quickly to new topics.

I love the way the same concept can be expressed in such a variety of ways in different languages. I get a real sense of satisfaction from finding just the right form of words to bring the meaning and spirit of a text into English.

Here are some of the clients I work with:

And here are some translations I’ve done in my specialist areas:


  • Extract from the forthcoming dystopian novel Bain De Boue by Isabelle Bauthian (for Curtis Brown)
  • Extract from the forthcoming historical novel 1889 by Régis Jauffret (for BAM literary agency)
  • Novel extracts for the Lisez-vous le belge ? initative by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles Culture
  • Book blurbs for the Prix Jan Michalski
  • Journey at Dusk, a short story for young adults, published by Alma Books
  • Progress or Freedom, a book about Big Tech and society, published by Palgrave Macmillan



  • Web content for a world-renowned film festival
  • Screenplay for the film Ehyeh for Mensch Productions, Paris.

Social sciences:


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